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FOCUSING on the provision of operating leases of specialised aerospace assets

Sale and Leasebacks

Triangle Aero offer sale and leaseback facilities to help organisations fulfil their specialised requirements

Aerospace Acquisitions

Triangle Aero are ideally positioned to provide strategic financing solutions for specialised aerospace assets. 

Global Operations

With offices and employees around the world we can address the increasingly global needs of our clients.


Triangle Aero leases specialised mission-critical aircraft and related equipment to government and diverse organizations around the world. Funded by committed, long term capital, Triangle Aero and its affiliates own and manage a portfolio of 8 aircraft, including military training, firefighting and ISR aircraft and parts. Triangle Aero takes the time to understands the nuances of each investment to provide creative leasing solutions across a range of aerospace assets.

Sectors we work in

Intelligence and Surveillance

Medical Evacuation

Law Enforcement

Search and Rescue


Heads of State / VIP

Maritime Patrol

Research and Tracking

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